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Biden’s the one for “The One”

Unless you are living under a rock, Barack Obama selected Joe Biden to be his running mate at a rally this afternoon.

I’m not surprised, really. This pick was made to try and cut into the advantage that John McCain has in the experience department. He’s also the perfect running mate for an attack dog, which will help Barack stay above the fray.

I don’t know if this pick helped Obama, but it will definately help the late night talk show hosts.

Here are some classics from Biden:

Here’s another one:

And my favorite:


Congresswoman Stephanie Tubbs Jones has passed

The Plain Dealer reports that Cleveland-area Congresswoman Stephanie Tubbs-Jones has died.

Keep her family in your thoughts.

This has been a long several days for my city.

Idiot liberals ID wrong man as Obama rally heckler

Liberal bloggers from Buckeye State Blog and Blogger Interrupted were up in arms after a heckler was able to get credentials for a Obama rally in Berea this week and got the Democratic nominee to say the Pledge of Allegiance.  However BSB took it further and published the guys personal contact information.

Or so they thought.

The Plain Dealer reported that the info posted was not of the actual heckler, but a random 22 year old guy that just lives in the same town.

I loved the “apology” that came from a blogger known as “Plunderbund”:

Eric Vessels, whose blog is Plunderbund, apologized for the mistake, but defended posting what he thought was the photographer’s number.

“I want people to think before they do these kinds of disruptions,” he said. “I don’t intend people to call and harass. I don’t ever ask them to do that.”

And one of the biggest antagonists that the Ohio liberal blogosphere has to offer, Tim Russo of Blogger Interrupted, had no comment.

I saw the video; the guy was annoying and dumb. If I were at a McCain event and some 9-11 Truthers jeered, I would be pissed. But guess what? That is our right as Americans and that guy had a right also, especially since it’s obvious the Obama campaign will give credentials to anyone!

What that guy did, however, did not warrant the posting of personal info. How would some of those bloggers feel if a conservative posted their info?

This is why access should be limited to this info. When you give idiots this ability and freedom to get NOYB info, they do dumb things with it and an innocent person gets harassed.

BTW, those offending bloggers should personally contact this guy and apologize.

And do more thorough research.

Feel free to practice something other than medicine….

According to yesterday’s Dispatch, HUD is considering legislation to allow medical workers who oppose abortion and birth control options to not participate if they don’t want to.

I understand that President Bush is a lame duck, but fighting battles like these will do nothing but enhance the view of his term being nothing but partisan.

And if your are a medical professional, remember it is your duty to give your patients the best treatment possible. Can they give patients alternatives to abortion and birth control? Sure. But if that patient wants these options, they should get them because they have a right to those options