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People and their desire to know your business never ends

Link to online PD article

These guys say that you can access criminal records from anywhere around the country, but so far the site is pretty weak.

My question is, why do you really need to know this info?  Of course there are some instances where knowing a persons background is necessary, but do you really need to know if your neighbor has speeding tickets? Or was evicted?

These websites really annoy me. I don’t really need to know your business and you don’t need to know mine. I would like it better if people had to justify getting this information and if you can’t, you won’t. Too many people like former Arkansas Houston Nutt have had their lives turned upside down because of the ease to obtain this information. The coach’s story made me ill and angry.

Make it more difficult to get this info. If you want access to this information, ask the person for permission. If they say no and you can justify getting the info, take them to court with acceptions to this given to law enforcement.

Of course, those that pose serious danger (molesters, drunk drivers) will not have this luxury.

Just an idea, but it’s time we get these types of sites of sites and access under control.


WaPo says what we’ve known all along – Stivers better candidate than Mary Jo

Go to #11 on the list

This will be a close race, but Stivers will win. I’ve seen him up close on the campaign trail and he can connect with voters as well or better than anyone. I don’t think that Eckart guy will do much or any damage to Steve.

Conservatives, especially when faced with the thought of ending Mary Jo’s career, will definitely support Stivers.

Possible Bet???

A liberal poster on BSB has offered an interesting bet if Crites beats Cordray….I’m wondering if I should take it…

Gee’s son-in-law dies at 31

Story in the Dispatch

I feel for the Gee family. Keep them in your thoughts.

Even though the ORP has given up on the AG race…..

Meet our nominee, D. Michael Crites!

No name recognition or much political experience, but the man has good character and is qualified – unlike our last elected Attorney General.