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Federal judge supports illegals

A Federal court judge overturned a law passed in Hazelton, Pa. that levied harsh penalties for those that hired and rented to illegal aliens, saying that it was unconstitutional. The city plans to appeal, and I hope they win. More light needs to be placed on the fact that our immigration policy sucks, and any more attempts at amnesty Congress rams down our throats will not be tolerated.


Just shut up already

If there is one reason to hate local news (and there are a few), it has to be the sensationalization of “high” gas prices. Every time you turn on the news, someone is complaining about how high it is. The complaining has gotten so bad that federal and state leaders feel the need to step in right a perceived wrong.

Americans don’t realize how good we have it. If you want to know what high gas prices are like, go to Europe.

If you really want to know why gas is so high, many of you should look in the mirror. Columbus is possibly one of the most hostile cities to pedestrians and non-drivers in the country. There are places here that do not have sidewalks and COTA sucks; I know this because public transportation and my feet are the modes of transportation that I use to get around this place.

I’ve lived in Cleveland most of my life, so if you are from there you can understand why I’m annoyed with Columbus. RTA has buses that go around Cuyahoga County in even into surrounding counties with good timing. Imagine being from Newark, Canal Winchester, Delaware, London, Marysville, or West Jefferson and catching a bus to work. Long ride? Maybe, but you would save a lot on gas.

The problem isn’t President Bush, or oil companies. It’s us, and even though I don’t have a vehicle I will include myself . Until we support public transportation and demand a system from COTA and our city leaders that can and will work for all Columbus folk, the supply will continue to be strained and the cost will go up.


I guess that innocent until proven guilty does not matter to these clowns.

Pryce introduces bill to fight against bad mortgage lenders

My congresswoman, Deborah Pryce, is a co-sponsor of the Fair Mortgage Practices Act, a bill that will toughen standards on subprime loans and protect consumers from corrupt loan companies.

I think this is a good idea, as a lot of these companies do take advantage of many people. This should get a lot of bipartisan support.

A more severe penalty for DUI offenders

This week, a tragic story came to a close. A Ross County judge sentenced Bradley Barker to 8 years in prison for killing Tim Humphrey on Ohio’s Rt. 138. Barker ran over Humphrey while he was repairing his vehicle on the side of the road. What makes this story even more sad is that Barker had four previous D.U.I.s, and was still able to get his license back. The victim’s mom asked a good question during her statement to the judge before sentencing:

“Let’s give someone a second chance, a third chance, a fourth chance, a fifth chance. Would there have been a sixth chance if he hadn’t killed my son?”

According to the BMV, 4 D.U.I.s or more would have gotten him jail time and possible license revocation, so there probably would not be a sixth chance. But why wait so long? Driving while drunk is a serious offense and the punishment should be treated as such. First, instead of giving a driver 4 or more chances, give them only three chances. On the first offense, everything would stay the same except the length of time that a license is suspended would be a year, with the possibility of that time being reduced if the offender abstains from alcohol for six months. On a second offense, jail time would increase to three months, fines would range from $2,500 to $5,000, and a license would be suspended for two years. If for some reason there is a third time, the drivers license would be revoked, and the offender would get twelve months in jail, along with a $10,000 fine.

If someone is killed because of the driver being inebriated, charge them with second-degree murder. Any adult that is not mentally disabled should know that driving while drunk is dangerous and can be harmful to those innocents around them, and should be punished with a sentence as serious as the crime.

These efforts may/may not deter these idiots, but anytime we can make things a little harder for them is worthwhile.

Interesting OSU study

A study that was done by OSU, Harvard, and Georgia Southern Univ. tried to discover why whites oppose reparations for Black Americans.

Read article on study in last Monday’s The Lantern

This article did not go into a lot of detail about the study itself, but the issues of reparations is an interesting one. I think that reparations for slavery is a bad idea and will only lead to more division within America. Also, supporters of reparations have not given me acceptable numbers to these questions:

Who will get the benefits? Who will pay?

The Black community is a diverse community and does not just consist of those born in America. There are those from the Caribbean, and from the African continent. How will the government find out who is and is not deserving? To research this would probably cost as much as the reparations. If the government is able to somehow discover who is entitled to reparations, would it include/exclude the richest Black Americans? Would Bob Johnson (NBA owner and BET founder) or Oprah Winfrey get money too? Supporters continue to point to the reparations given to Jews and the Japanese after their respective tragedies, but the difference is that reparations were able to go to those directly affected. And with the previous issues that I mentioned, this would be difficult.

It has been estimated that it would cost $100 trillion dollars, virtually bankrupting America. Since we do not have the records of who really owes this money, it would be unfair for Americans to pay this. Should immigrants from Asia or Eastern and Western Europe pay, even though they were not here during slavery and did not promote it?

Race relations have come a long way in this country, and we have a long way to go still. But bringing up an issue that lacks the answers to some of its most important questions will set us back. Lets work on improving America for all Americans instead of using issues that will divide.


An oldie but a goodie…

E. Gordon Gee has returned to Ohio State to be its next president.

Wow. After denying interest in the job, he lays out this bomb. Gee is officially the Larry Brown of academia.

That’s good news. Even though his tenure as president ended before I became a student, all of the stories I heard about him were positive, especially his interaction with students. He will be a complete 180 over Karen Holbrook, who obviously has the smarts but just didn’t seem comfortable with the schmoozing that the job also demanded, whether with the money crowd or students.

It will be interesting to see how Gee does the second time around.

Brownson and the Log Cabins

This week, the Franklin County GOP endorsed Bill Brownson in his race for Columbus City Council. Brownson is the first gay Republican to earn its endorsement.

Some conservatives were not happy with the endorsement because they felt Brownson turned his back on President Bush in 2004. Brownson was Chairman of the Log Cabin when they voted against endorsing President Bush for re-election, citing a desire to “shift our financial and political resources to defeating the radical right and supporting inclusive Republican candidates for the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives“.

Gay rights are low on my scale of important issues concerning America, but it’s one of most important issues for the LCRs. The president was pushing for gay marriage bans around the U.S. and if they were to endorse him anyway they would lose face to their members. Their disagreements with the President’s campaign notwithstanding, they still supported Republican candidates around the country in 2004 and 2006. That should count for something, right?
Gay or straight, Brownson will have a long way to go to win as a Republican in a Democratic city. But if he’s right on taxes, crime, and education, he’ll definitely have my support and will win over his skeptics.

Will conservatives continue to throw McCain under the bus for Thompson?

Especially after news that a family planning group hired Fred Thompson as a lobbyist.

I’ve never understood the excitement that conservatives have for Thompson. It’s been stated many times that he’s not the hardest worker, and I really can’t point to anything of significance that he has done in terms of policy.

I would not be surprised if more revelations came out that proved to contradict his conservative “credentials”.


After a lot of thought, I have decided to start my own blog. Even though I’m new to this blogging business, I have read and followed enough of the good ones (Buckeye State Blog, Right Angle Blog, Blue Bexley, and Writes Like She Talks come to mind) to know I want to do.

I can’t say that I will have one focus, although I will try and focus on Ohio issues from a conservative view. However, if Washington irks me (and it will) I’ll write about that too. Visitors will be free to give their two cents, whether they’re liberals or conservative or whatever; the exchange of political ideas is something that I enjoy. All that I ask in return is no name calling and do not post ‘anonymously’ (You don’t have to post your real name, but seven anonymous replies makes it hard to know who to reply to).

Politics is not the only thing I enjoy. I love sports; I love it more than politics. I’m Cleveland everything, so Cincinnati and Pittsburgh fans are not allowed….I’m only joking.

Well, there’s my intro. I’ve been in this computer lab too long, so I will call it a day.