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Where’s the outrage, leftists?

From Right Ohio, a recording of a radical calling the office of Republican Congresswoman Jean Schmidt of Ohio.

Remember, Plunderbund, “All your base are belong to you“.


Starting back up…

Motivated again to write again. Will be very soon. is a website you should visit

is a website made for political junkies and I’ve been following it for the last 10 years. If you need to find the offical office and campaign website for federal and state candidates or parties, this is the site for you.

They will post news updates 4-5 times a week and there were a couple of Tuesday updates that caught my eye.


PALIN. “We are going to seek and … destroy this candidacy of Sarah Palin’s because of what it is that she represents,’ is how the Alaska Governor now described the national media’s reaction to her Vice Presidential candidacy last year. In a new documentary, Palin discusses how she believes a conspiracy took place among members of the media to undermine her candidacy.

Really? I mean, really? Look, as valid and as acknowledged the point that the media was in the bag for Obama and they did not care for her, I would not call it a “conspiracy”. If anyone destroyed her candidacy. it was her. She was out of her league, and this was proven in the VP debates. Hell, she would not have been in the equation if McCain picked who he really wanted and selected Lieberman. This makes her look petty and paranoid. If I had the ear of the governor, I would tell her to go back to Alaska, kick butt for the rest of her term, get re-elected and take on Begich so she can get some experience in dealing with DC.


P2012. Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney is strongly leaning towards making a second run for President in 2012. Romney is already lending financial support to several Republican US House members targeted by the DCCC. Romney is already planning to make the rounds in support of these candidates as part of his efforts to lay the groundwork for a 2012 run.

Mitt, I like you now. You have grown on me. But 2012 is for this guy and I, along with many other Republcians fully support him.

Sorry that I had to break it to you.

And this is what’s important to you, Senator Shelby?

Just when I thought that this nonsense of President Obama’s legal residency was done, GOP Senator Dick Shelby of Alabama brings it up again during a meeting with citizens in Cullman, AL.

This is the kind of garbage that we cannot continue to focus on. He’s an American, he was elected. Move on.

Sandy O’Brien for Secretary of State? I don’t believe it either.

Giving credit to Anthony at Ohio Daily Blog for this one (I saw it there originally), but I guess Sandy O’Brien will be challenging Jon Husted for the GOP nomination for Secretary of State. If you don’t know who she is, her biggest claim to “fame” was she defeated Jeannette Bradley for the GOP nomination for Treasurer while running as a social conservative. For Treasurer.

Try and watch the clip of her during a candidate’s debate. If you can watch it for more than two minutes I’ll be surprised.

Smoke up, idiots!

The Lantern wrote an article on how the Obama increase in the cigarette tax will effect Ohio State students and businesses.  I could not help but chuckle after reading it, especially with quotes like this one:

“It’s most unfortunate because cigarettes cost so much already;  it’s not cool….There’s got to be other ways they can tax, try another way or something.”

It was not hard to figure out that this would be one of the consequences of giving liberal Democrats the White House and Congress, but whiners like this guys and others are probably the ones that voted for him.

Too bad more people don’t “get it” like Premal Chheda gets it:

“Trying to fund any sort of program with tobacco is very dangerous because less and less people are smoking. They are not going to be able to keep up with the funding because of fewer tobacco sales.”

And what will they do when the cigarette tax money decreases? Go look in the mirror.

The hacks at Buckeye State Blog ask a good question….

Yep, I’ll give credit when it is due.

Congresswoman Stephanie Tubbs Jones has passed

The Plain Dealer reports that Cleveland-area Congresswoman Stephanie Tubbs-Jones has died.

Keep her family in your thoughts.

This has been a long several days for my city.

Possible Bet???

A liberal poster on BSB has offered an interesting bet if Crites beats Cordray….I’m wondering if I should take it…

Gee’s son-in-law dies at 31

Story in the Dispatch

I feel for the Gee family. Keep them in your thoughts.