Biden’s the one for “The One”

Unless you are living under a rock, Barack Obama selected Joe Biden to be his running mate at a rally this afternoon.

I’m not surprised, really. This pick was made to try and cut into the advantage that John McCain has in the experience department. He’s also the perfect running mate for an attack dog, which will help Barack stay above the fray.

I don’t know if this pick helped Obama, but it will definately help the late night talk show hosts.

Here are some classics from Biden:

Here’s another one:

And my favorite:


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  1. Anthony Hutchinson II on

    When I think about the decision Obama made today, I think about hockey. Mr. Obama just hired himself an enforcer with the political background that he needed to sure up the nomination. Think of this in this term, he (Sen. Obama) wants to stay above the fray and not play the same politiacal game of today but, he can’t seem weak. How do you accomplish the both of them, well…… You hired an enforcer who doesn’t mind telling people when they’re right or wrong. Biden was a great pick the only other choices would’ve been Gov. Richardson or Sen. chuck Hagel

  2. politicaloutcast on

    Richardson would have been a better pick, though.

  3. m green on

    I believe his pick has an interesting take on it. I feel it’s Obama’s way of appealing to what he deems as “white, closet, trying hard to be racially correct” voting demographics giving them an unspoken nod that it is safe to vote for the duo. If you will, it is a pathetic consenting outreach to the voting bloc consisting of “that’s okay, if you slip on ethnic issues if you are old, we believe you don’t know any better” group. This may not be politically correct, but it is soooo ” voting politically correct”, Unfortunately, blacks “accept” the game of “getting over” with an insider wink because the end jusifies the means. I am sure there are many blacks who have played the game long enough to see that as a “gamepiece” they just keep going around and around the board. Wow, what a fresh, innovative face the voice of real change is wearing.

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