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“Scary Mary Jo”? Excuse me while I gag…

I saw the headline in last Thursday’s The Other Paper and laughed out loud. “Scary Mary Jo”, by Dan Williamson, details how the top contenders are supposedly scared of running against Kilroy because she’s a “tough campaigner”. What makes her tough, according to Williamson? The fact that she’s a mean person and a dirty campaigner says he. Those characteristics don’t make her someone to be afraid of; it just makes her a mean person and a dirty campaigner.

I don’t ignore the fact that even if the GOP got the candidates that they wanted, the 15th District would still be tough race since the county is trending Democrat and Kilroy will have a lot of money. But when looking at her qualities, there are a couple of things that Dan forgot:

– Her “prickly” personality is still a negative.

I have involved in a few elections, and I have seen her in action. I believed her to be arrogant and condescending to her opponents and voters and if you want proof just look at her debate last year with Rep. Pryce. That could also be a reason why she lost; she may have polled well in Franklin County, but she could not connect with those in Union or Madison Counties.

-Ran in ’06 and lost. What’s different now?¬†

She’s running the same campaign that she ran last year, and the climate’s not as bad for the GOP this year like it was last year. Not great, but not horrific. But this candidate that the GOP gets to run will not have any taint on them and she will have to run on her true left-wing views.

Since Stivers, Jim Hughes, and Petro have declined to run, names that I’ve heard recently¬† have been fmr. Columbus Mayor Greg Lashutka (since declined), fmr. Franklin Co. Commissioner Dewey Stokes (also declined), and Judge Julie Lynch.

Now its a game of wait-and-see.


I have nothing nice to say about Jim Delaney or the Big Ten Network.

I didn’t get a chance to watch the OSU-YSU season opener, since I didn’t have the cash to go to the bar and if I go a bar, I want to drink. However I did listen to the game on the radio. It wasn’t that bad, but when it comes down to it, I want to see it on TV.

Thanks, BTN and Jim Delaney, for screwing people. I appreciate it.

Here’s the issue that BTN is having with Time Warner and WOW: BTN wants to charge subscribers $1.10 to put it on the basic cable programming. The cable companies say that is more than what the more established networks get and will not cave in.

Thankfully, TW and WOW are fighting this blackmail attempt. In the end, predict that the Big Ten Network will win because they will call the bluff of TW and WOW by placing more and more premier games on the BTN and will increase the pressure for the companies to do this. If you purchased a Sunday paper, the BTN is already blaming the cable companies, so get ready.

The BTN is an unfortunate money grab that is the beginning of the acceleration of turning college sports into a corporate business. All this headache for a network that most folks here will watch for 3-4 months out of the year for college football and men’s hoops. Who cares about most of the other sports? Not me and certainly not most Big Ten fans.

Observations from College Football’s Opening week

Lloyd Carr is done.

His record 1-5 against his biggest rival (UM fans say that it’s Mich. State, but we know the truth) along with the choking on the big stages (see bowl losses against Texas and USC) has become very embarrassing Blue fans. But the kicker is what happened this weekend after they lost to I-AA Appalachian State (they are the first AP ranked team from a major to lose to a I-AA school). Last year the fans were on him, and the team responded. But this loss, no matter how good the lower level team may be, Michigan should not lose to them. Ever. Anything less than a conference title, and Carr’s on his arse.

Wisconsin is for real.

With a leaner P.J. Hill and a better athlete at QB in Tyler Donovan, the Badgers will be the team to beat in the Big Ten. They gave up 21 early points against a pesky Washington State team, but they shut them down for the last 40 minutes of the game. For the first time in a while, the conference title will not come down to OSU-UM. It may be won or lost on November 3rd in Columbus.

-The Pac-10 is finally respectable.

Smile, Left Coasters. Your conference is the 2nd best in the country. Of course we have heard that this years anointed National champ will be USC, but with UCLA fielding a good team and Cal-Berkeley looking like they will take it to the next level and with Wazzu and Arizona and UW improving, I don’t think that SC will go through this conference unscathed. And remember, the PAC-10 plays everyone in their conference. They could possibly have 3-5 Top 25 teams.

I love football.