Chris Reichert =/= all Tea Party supporters

There are many thoughts that have stood out to me in this Healthcare debate. Things like, ‘elections have consequences’ or that Democrat leadership can pea on your leg and tell you it’s raining with the straightest faces. One thing has impressed me the most, and that is the passion of the American people. I was worried that with the last couple of years that many of us were just worn out, but all across this country, thousands of people protested what they rightly believed was a reckless takeover of 1/6 of the economy by the Federal Government. However, when this passion is not under control, people can get stupid and embarrass themselves. There were stories of alleged gay and racial slurs hurled at Barney Frank and members of the Congressional Black Caucus. There are stories of Congress members and their families getting threatened with physical harm.

Another story, however, has also gained notoriety, and it’s right here in Central Ohio. In a protest outside the district office of U.S. Representative Mary Jo Kilroy (D-OH), a Columbus resident berated and threw money at a man suffering from Parkinson’s disease:

The man’s name: Chris Reichert, a Columbus resident. In an article printed in the Wednesday issue of the Dispatch, Reichert says that “I snapped. I absolutely snapped and I can’t explain it any other way”.

This guy has gone through enough. The embarrassment of having your jackass moment taped and forever in the internets is punishment enough.

But of course, to those on the left, the acts of one represent the acts of all. One blogger from the left, Plunderbund, shared his opinion this way:

Thanks Chris Reichert for proving us right afterall about the negative effects of right wing talk radio that creates caustic political environments that cause people like you to do things you’d never think of doing

As I said in response, I listen/watch conservative media. Hannity, Ingraham, Malkin, Rush. And I never would have done that, and many others would not either. In fact, I believe that Mr. Plunderbund missed this:

Reichert then stepped from the crowd, bent down, pointed a finger in Letcher’s face and as he tossed a pair of dollar bills yelled, “I’ll pay for this guy. Here you go. Let’s start a pot, I’ll pay for you. I’ll decide when to give you money. Here. Here’s another one.”

Organizers on both sides of the debate quickly condemned the actions of Reichert and the other man, who still has not been identified…..

The Tea Party movement fight against more government, more taxes, and more waste is a noble cause; anyone that does what has been alleged has no place in the movement and should be shunned, and have been. The Left is lumping the kooks with everyday folks to try and discredit it; so far, it is not working. Those that support the movement need to continue to be vocal and oppose the extremists because that is not the support this cause needs.


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  1. Les Ismore on

    The TeabaKKKers have jumped the shark. May they all live in infamy that they deserve. Watching the signs over the last year, watching the attempts at intimidation, the slurs and more, they have earned the moniker TeabaKKKer because there tactics fit with the accepted definition of terrorism. And the funny thing is they are too freakin’ stupid to not know why.

  2. politicaloutcast on

    I wonder if you are this outraged when ultra-lefists damage businesses and cause other disturbances themselves.

  3. LibertyBurning on

    politcaloutcast, the left is *very* good at distancing themselves from whackjobs and extremists. Witness the increased marginalization of Black-Bloc anarchists, Code Pink, etc.

    The thing is, the Tea Party demonstrates time and time again that they ARE the kooks, they ARE the extremists. It doesn’t matter what your platform is if it get lost in violent rhetoric, blatantly racist and homophobic language, damage to property and threats of bodily harm.

    If the Tea Party is to regain any shred of legitimacy, they must loudly and vociferously decry these actions, much like moderate muslims do. Otherwise you’re just going to be treated as crappily as your most backwards member every time one gets on TV.

    Also, “rightly believed was a reckless takeover of 1/6 of the economy by the Federal Government.”? Hyperbole much?

    • politicaloutcast on

      Everytime those that support the original intent of the group, those on the left deem it insignificant or disingenuous. It is being disavowed, you’re just not paying attention.

  4. Diggy on

    Mr. Reichert is only apologetic because he was caught on tape..

    I believe that had his cruelty not been broadcast around the world he wold probably be telling the story of how he and his mob of TeaBaggers shouted down a Leftie who had the nerve to approach them asking for a handout.

    If this guy is to be believed then perhap he can be a good example for the nut-jobs on the Right. It’s time to bring it down a notch.

    Bringing guns to protests, hurling racial and homophobic epithets, spitting on memebers of Congress, disrputing town hall meetings, and displaying racist signs will not endear you to the American people in the middle. They are the ones that both sides spend millions courting.

    The rest of the country is figuring out what some of us have know for a while.

    The Tea Party is at least partially comprised of uneducated racist nut-jobs.

    The GOP shoudl distance themselves from these peopel ASAP or they will stand no chance in the Novemebr elections.

    You heard it here first.

  5. MJ on

    The Tea Baggers say he’s not their kind? Excuse me, what are all the hateful posters about that you see at their rallies? The ignorant *He’s a Kenyon* and racial slurs? If the Tea Baggers really want to show that they have an intelligent discourse they’d like to pursue, they had better start weeding out the gun toting, race baiting followers they are accuring. Otherwise, they will go down in history as one of the more disgusting groups in America’s benighted history.

  6. Marilyn on

    I too believe Reichert is only remorseful because he was caught. There are no cut and dry solutions to the healthcare dilemma. Republicans declared early on that their true intent was to destroy President Obama’s presidency so their argument about it not being a bipartison bill is just ridiculous! I amd not fully in agreement with the bill, but if tRepublicans had truly wanted a good bill they would have worked together instead of against. I am sickend by their theatrics and vitriol. Bone head Boehner is used up.Disgusting! They do not care about their constituents, just their party that got this country into a nasty mess.
    Reichert needs to understand that there are many people that are like the mand with Parkinsons. Grow up and think things through instead of listenting to the 20 second sound bites of the Fox (Fake) News wackos.

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