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Vick pleads guilty.

Take a good, hard look. We won’t be seeing this for a while.

I would like to think that I’m surprised by Vick pleading guilty today, but I’m not. No matter how rich you are, no matter how cool the media and fans think you are, if the Feds want you, they will get you.

Even though Vick is pleading guilty to a horrible crime, I can’t help but feel bad for him. Vick is a decent guy that has made a bad mistake that he may pay for with his football career. His ordeal could be used as a good lesson for other players in the league – be mindful of the company you keep.

You may notice that even though I condemn his crime, that I’m not spewing venom like the always reliable kooks at PETA. It’s simple – I don’t really care about this crime. I’ll say it again, dogfighting is terrible, but it does not equal the lunacy of keeping a procedure legal that kills 46 million people each year. Until the anger and outrage is as loud against that “procedure” as is was about this terrible incident, consider me indifferent.


Browns vs. Lions (preseason)

Absolute garbage…until the 4th quarter. Ken Dorsey and Brady Quinn had some very good drives late, but poor play by Frye (1 INT) and Anderson (1 INT, 1 FUM) along with crappy play by the D dug the Browns into a hole that they couldn’t get out of.

On Quinn: looked very good. Granted, the Lions were playing Schottenheimer-style prevent D, but he still completed the passes.

And I must say that Charlie Frye is handling this QB situation with class. I’m rooting for him, not just so we can get some good draft picks for him, but that he has a very good and prosperous NFL career. Very high-character guy.

Correction: Pryce-Kilroy II WAS gonna be fun.

Until this:

Pryce will not seek re-election

Stunned almost describes how I felt when I saw that.

Congresswoman Pryce served her district with class, and worked hard for it. Since I’m originally from the land of Stokes and Tubbs-Jones, it was nice to have a Representative that did her job.

Rumor has it that Jim Petro and Steve Stivers are potential candidates, although according to BSB, it looks like Stivers will be focusing on becoming Senate President.

That’s too bad, because Stivers is the candidate that can win the district and keep it red. He is a likeable, capable politician that can’t be tied to any scandal. I truly hope that he changes his mind and when/if he does, he’ll have my support.

Jim Petro’s candidacy is an interesting one. Let me say that I liked Petro….until he whored himself unsuccessfully to the Religious Right. Instead of sticking with the issues and his solid record, he tried to out Bible-chuck Blackwell and was shown as the flip-flopper that he is and lost handily in the primary. In this race, Petro reminds me of Joy Padgett, meaning that he has a good record, but the Dems will try and tie him to Noe.

If either one does run, I’ll support them, because anyone is better than hearing, seeing, or reading the words Congresswoman Mary Jo Kilroy in that sequence.

Columbus Public Schools improve to a “C” rating

See story from today’s Dispatch.

Would I reconsider the idea of sending my kids to the CPS? Hell no.

Browns vs. Chiefs (preseason)

There was not a lot to like in the game, but if there is one thing that Browns fans can like it was the play of the offensive line. Lots of life, good blocking, and to see franchise OL Joe Thomas get dirty brought a smile to my face.

No Brady Quinn, but that is for next week.

A change needs to be made in out primary system

As you may have heard, South Carolina is planning on moving its primary up from February 2nd to January 19th, a move that was made after Florida moved its primary up to January 29th. The actions of both of these states have may also effect the dates of the historical first primaries of Iowa and New Hampshire. Both of these states have requirements in their constitutions that dictate how many days apart they must be from holding their primaries.


The South Carolina Republican Party has decided to advance the state’s primary to January 19. The move came in direct response to Florida’s recent advancement of their primary date to January 29 — which had previously been reserved exclusively for South Carolina. New Hampshire is certain to now select a date at least one week in advance of the South Carolina date. In a sign the SC move is being directly coordinated with NH officials, SC GOP Chair Katon Dawson will make the official announcement on Thursday in New Hampshire — and he’ll be joined by NH Secretary of State Bill Gardner. In the chain reaction, Iowa will ultimately select a caucus date ahead of NH’s primary date — a date which may possibly fall as early as a week before Christmas. Meanwhile, it is starting to appear the two major national parties are backing away from their vocal threats to punish Florida with a cut in delegates for breaking the officially sanctioned primary schedule by moving the primary of January 29. The DNC will later this month vote on a proposal to grant a one-state exemption for Florida to allow it to retain it’s full complement of convention delegates. On the GOP side, State Republican Chair Jim Greer said he plans to call the RNC’s sanctions bluff to cut the delegate tally in half. “I intend to take our full slate of delegates to the convention, and I will let the Republican National Committee tell them they can’t be seated,” said Greer.

I believe that this insanity harms the American voting system. In the race to be first, this hastens a very important decision that Americans need time and information to make.

That is why we need to create one primary day.

It would work just like Election, with the exception being the National Primary Day would be on the first Tuesday in May (I would be open to hold it a little earlier). I chose May because it would give the winning candidates 3-4 months until their party conventions. If their is no clear winner after this day, let it get sorted out in the conventions.

I really don’t care if New Hampshire or Iowa opposes this. This would give every state relevence in the primary season and would force candidates to not just wait back for a “big break” and go out and earn the vote of their party.

Until then, we will have to deal with the fact that we may know the two contenders for the White House a little earlier than expected… in February.

Pryce-Kilroy II is gonna be fun.

I found this article today, and it talked about the rematch between Rep. Deborah Pryce (R-UA) and Franklin Co. Commissioner Mary Jo Kilroy. Democrats still think that they have a shot at this seat. The ’06 midterm elections had the worst atmosphere for any party that I can remember and Pryce still beat her, so I am completely confident in the congresswoman that she will win again and hopefully end Mary Jo’s political career.

Columbus moves to take over City Center; what’s next?

Read article

Looks like the City of Columbus is not waiting for the actual owners to decide what to do with City Center.

To see how far it has fallen is pretty sad. When I first came to Columbus for school in 1999, I remember how packed and active it was. It’s a shame, but I don’t think that it has a chance as a retail location anymore, even with people slowly moving downtown.