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Tribe vs. Red Sox in ALCS


Paul Byrd pitched well enough to lead the Tribe to the ALCS.

We’re back!

The Cleveland Indians ended the season for the New York Yankees and possibly the career of Joe Torre as manager.

Timely hitting, great pitching and a (mostly) non-existant offense from New York sealed it. Now it’s on to Boston, where David Ortiz and Manny Ramirez will give us their toughest challenge yet.  The Red Sox are much more even with us than New York, so continuing to take advantage of runners in scoring position (CLE was 12-27, .444 BA) and clutch pitching. It’ll be a fight, but I’m calling the Indians winning in seven. I’ll take our top-3 pitchers against theirs, and our bullpen will continue its dominance.

Regardless, GO TRIBE!