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When you hear “it’s for the kids”, it’s gonna be bad

Washington Court House,  a small city 40 miles southwest of Columbus, recently tried to do the unthinkable (or maybe it isn’t in light of what has happened in Columbus and D.C.) On a 4-2 vote, their city council passed a bill that banned smoking while kids were in your vehicle.

But yesterday, council scrapped that bill after two members of council decided to change their minds on their ‘yes’ vote.  Was it because they felt guilty that they over stepped their bounds as legislators? Did they feel that the legislation was wrong?

No to both. According to Councilman Ben Roby:

… says he decided to drop his support for the ban because he found more “public interest” in the proposal than he ever expected.

This is hilarious. What he means by ‘public interest’ is that he didn’t expect people to pay attention to what they were doing, so he thought he could vote for it and not worry about any backlash!

Keep the politicians on their toes. Pay attention.


Where’s the outrage, leftists?

From Right Ohio, a recording of a radical calling the office of Republican Congresswoman Jean Schmidt of Ohio.

Remember, Plunderbund, “All your base are belong to you“.

And this is what’s important to you, Senator Shelby?

Just when I thought that this nonsense of President Obama’s legal residency was done, GOP Senator Dick Shelby of Alabama brings it up again during a meeting with citizens in Cullman, AL.

This is the kind of garbage that we cannot continue to focus on. He’s an American, he was elected. Move on.