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Democrat advantage a little overrated

Quinnipiac University released a poll yesterday that has incumbent Ted Strickland leading 43-38 over GOP challenger John Kasich in the gubernatorial race and has both Lee Fisher and Jennifer Brunner leading Rob Portman in the Senate race to succeed George Voinovichby 4 and 1 point(s), respectively.

Of course this news makes Democrats excited, but Republicans shouldn’t be too disappointed. In both races, there are a ┬ávery high number of undecideds, so there is a lot of room for Kasich and Portman to make up ground. In the race for governor, Strickland has been under 50% support for a long time and has not been moving, which is “typically worrisome signs for an incumbent” according to the pollster.

The race for the Senate is not much different. There is also a high number of undecideds in the race, but the plus for Portman is that by a 46-44 margin, Ohioans do not want a Senator that supports Obama’s policies.

So there is a long time from now to November,and that means a long time for mud to be thrown on the challengers. To get an idea of the hack-etry that Kasich and Portman will be up against, look here and here.


An oldie but a goodie…

E. Gordon Gee has returned to Ohio State to be its next president.

Wow. After denying interest in the job, he lays out this bomb. Gee is officially the Larry Brown of academia.

That’s good news. Even though his tenure as president ended before I became a student, all of the stories I heard about him were positive, especially his interaction with students. He will be a complete 180 over Karen Holbrook, who obviously has the smarts but just didn’t seem comfortable with the schmoozing that the job also demanded, whether with the money crowd or students.

It will be interesting to see how Gee does the second time around.