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Columbus bans texting while driving

Columbus is the third city in Ohio to ban texting while driving within its limits. This law will go into effect in one month.

Of course, the supporters of this bill say it’s for safety. However, there is no solid evidence that shows the effect of texting while driving, and Columbus Police Chief Walter Distelzweig doesn’t sound like someone that considers this a priority nor does he have any concrete ideas on how to enforce it; these are issues that should have been addressed BEFORE it passed.

It is ridiculous to text while driving, and even more so that we have to legislate it. But lets be honest here: like the seat beat requirement, it’s a money grab for cities with struggling economies.


Panel recommends tax increase

Columbus City Council President Mike Mentel

Columbus City Council President Mike Mentel

As I said before, Columbus will have a tax increase on the ballot along with trash pickup increases, according the Dispatch.

Even though the chairman of the commission says that this is the “only option we have” and Council President Mike Mentel refers to this as “gut check time”, I disagree with both of them. We have been at gut check time in Columbus for the last few years, but political leaders have held off on making the decisions that will help the taxpayer.

Mentel says that there will be hearings on the tax increase that will give the people a chance to speak out on this. I plan on attending them, and I hope many Columbusites do the same. They need to hear from us.

Columbus will be receiving a tax increase

Mayor Coleman during his State of the City Address

Mayor Coleman during his State of the City Address

Mayor Coleman may not have come out and said it, but it was definately implied in his State of the City address according to the Dispatch.

I wonder what are the costs that make the city budget potentially $50 million over budget?

I cannot, and I am sure that many Columbusites feel the same way, have my taxes increased. Now is not the time. If Mayor Coleman and City Council are the true “fiscal stewards” that they consider themselves, then they must find other ways to get money and trim this budget.