Smoke up, idiots!

The Lantern wrote an article on how the Obama increase in the cigarette tax will effect Ohio State students and businesses.  I could not help but chuckle after reading it, especially with quotes like this one:

“It’s most unfortunate because cigarettes cost so much already;  it’s not cool….There’s got to be other ways they can tax, try another way or something.”

It was not hard to figure out that this would be one of the consequences of giving liberal Democrats the White House and Congress, but whiners like this guys and others are probably the ones that voted for him.

Too bad more people don’t “get it” like Premal Chheda gets it:

“Trying to fund any sort of program with tobacco is very dangerous because less and less people are smoking. They are not going to be able to keep up with the funding because of fewer tobacco sales.”

And what will they do when the cigarette tax money decreases? Go look in the mirror.


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