Brunner vs. Fisher is the best thing ever

It’s official:  Jennifer Brunner is running for the Democratic nomination to be Ohio’s next US Senator.

This is good, for two reasons:

1. Whomever leaves this primary will be bloodied and bruised, making the race a little easier for Rob Portman.

I’m not saying that this will guarantee victory for the GOP, but there is a reason why party leadership hates primaries like this one. Look at 2006. In the race for the US Senate on the Democratic side, Paul Hackett was gearing up for a run,  but Sherrod Brown got enough support from party insiders to keep him at bay. Brown then had the momentum (and more importantly, the money) to beat incumbent Mike DeWine. In the race to succeed Gov. Taft, on the GOP side you had Blackwell, Petro, and Montgomery. Then-Ohio GOP Chair Bob Bennett tried to avoid a primary, but all three were bent on running. The “victor”, Blackwell, was damaged and broke and was routed by Ted Strickland.

There are some, like Jill from Writes Like She Talks, makes some good points for Mary Taylor to enter the race, but for the reasons stated above and next I completely disagree.

2. This improves our shot at getting control of Apportionment Board.

A legitimate argument has been made that the AB does not matter since the Democrats won the Ohio House in spite of the districts being drawn by Republicans. However, the AB not only draws the Ohio General Assembly districts, but also Congress. This could mean a more hospitable district in the 1st  for Steve Chabot, or the 13th for Mary Taylor. If Brunner stays in, there is talk that Cuyahoga Co. Prosector Bill Mason could run for Secretary of State, a thought that amuses me. If ODP Chair Chris Redfern is smart, he will avoid Cuyahoga Democrats like the plague, as that is a race that Jon Husted would be a favorite in. A Husted win would definitely give us the AB back, as I believe that Mary Taylor will win a little easier this time.

Primaries are fun!


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  1. Jill Zimon on

    Everyone has an opinion and certainly is entitled to it – thanks for treating mine that way and expressing yours very clearly.

    Only one comment: the conventional wisdom I’ve been told is that a bruising primary is considered to bode WELL for the victor – ie Obama – in general because the dirt has come out, the effort has had to be put in and so on. So, I wouldn’t be thinking to much along the lines of someone being weakened. I can imagine that might be the case in some unique circumstances, but as between these two – and who knows what can change in 12-14 mos, I wouldn’t count on that being the case.

    IMO. 🙂

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