Bill Cunningham is kind of a tool….

……But his intro wasn’t that bad.

However, I’m noticing a very annoying trend among some Republicans. The notion that mentioning Obama’s middle name (which in case you haven’t heard – it’s Hussein) will feed the idea that he’s a Muslim. He’s not, and many Republicans like Cunningham need to recognize that.

We can beat Obama on the issues. When it comes to experience and trust, we beat Obama.

If we continue to make this race about the “Muslim” Barack Hussein Obama and not about the Barack Obama that supports abortion, will surrender in Iraq, and raise taxes, then McCain will lose and Republicans will lose.

Did 2006 teach us anything. Remember the Dan Dodd ad? Or the Montgomery ad where she criticized Marc Dann for defending a child molester? Or the Mike DeWine ad against Sherrod Brown?

I’m not against negative ads and I have no issue with my candidate(s) using them, but ads like those really don’t highlight policy differences – all they do is just smear. And in this race it will not work. We need to tell the honest to God truth about Barack Obama and why he’s unfit to be president; false statements about his religious beliefs should not be a part of the plan.

RNC Chairman Michael Duncan’s response to the Tennessee GOP makes my point.


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  1. J. Rowsey on

    When I heard this on talk radio, I was a little surprised. I’d never heard of Bill Cunningham before. But he doesn’t sound like someone that I’d really like to listen to on a regular basis.

    I agree with you completely that negative ads are fine, but they must be grounded in truth. Speading false rumors propagated by the internet will only prove to be harmful to the candidates which these people support.

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