Keno is close to being a reality in Ohio

So says the Dispatch. Jesus, just do what you really want and bring casinos to Ohio. Then I would be excited.

What is Keno? Read here.


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  1. Brian on

    I think Club Keno is a clever way to solve some of the current budget woes but Strickland’s approach to the whole matter is laughable. It’s an extension of legalized gambling. Let’s just bring in casinos already and at least try to rejuvenate Ohio’s downtowns. That’s millions right there in jobs, tourism, hotels, shopping, dining. Not to mention the millions in tax revenue. Cleveland schools, for instance, could certainly use a healthy chunk of change.

  2. politicaloutcast on


  3. J. Rowsey on

    I find this all very interesting. We already have dog tracks, horse racing, the lottery, and other forms of gambling in this state. Although I know that it is often said that crime comes to town as soon as the casinos do, but maybe it could be used as a method to revitalize our state.

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