John McCain? GOP frontrunner?

John McCain celebrates his victories with supporters

Contrary to what Mike Huckabee thinks, John McCain is the GOP nominee. Even as a supporter, I am surprised he lasted this long but in the end, he is the candidate with the best chance to beat Hillary and Obama. In most polls he is within the margin of error nationally and even makes states like New York competitive.

However, many conservatives have an issue with a McCain nomination and still seem bent on trying to embarrass him. Ann Coulter has found her inner liberal and endorsed Hillary, saying that “she’s more conservative that McCain”, Rush is passive aggressive towards McCain, and Sean Hannity is Hannity.

Many of his detractors point to his views on immigration, campaign finance reform, and taxes. I agree that his immigration bill was bad, but Senator McCain realized his mistake and understands that we need to close the border before we do anything else.  Campaign finance reform hasn’t worked as well as hoped, but I don’t hold that against him. There is too much money in politics today, and McCain/Feingold was a start in the right direction. Senator McCain opposed President Bush’s tax cuts originally because of the lack of spending restraint to come with them. Since the recession and the looming expiration of said cuts, he supports him as being necessary.

John McCain is not a perfect candidate, but he is the candidate that has the long and respectable record on cutting taxes, cutting pork-barrel and wasteful spending, and protecting Americans and their interests. With his type of record and views, does Coulter, Rush, or Hannity truly believe that a President McCain will do the bidding of Pelosi or Reid?


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