Observations from College Football’s Opening week

Lloyd Carr is done.

His record 1-5 against his biggest rival (UM fans say that it’s Mich. State, but we know the truth) along with the choking on the big stages (see bowl losses against Texas and USC) has become very embarrassing Blue fans. But the kicker is what happened this weekend after they lost to I-AA Appalachian State (they are the first AP ranked team from a major to lose to a I-AA school). Last year the fans were on him, and the team responded. But this loss, no matter how good the lower level team may be, Michigan should not lose to them. Ever. Anything less than a conference title, and Carr’s on his arse.

Wisconsin is for real.

With a leaner P.J. Hill and a better athlete at QB in Tyler Donovan, the Badgers will be the team to beat in the Big Ten. They gave up 21 early points against a pesky Washington State team, but they shut them down for the last 40 minutes of the game. For the first time in a while, the conference title will not come down to OSU-UM. It may be won or lost on November 3rd in Columbus.

-The Pac-10 is finally respectable.

Smile, Left Coasters. Your conference is the 2nd best in the country. Of course we have heard that this years anointed National champ will be USC, but with UCLA fielding a good team and Cal-Berkeley looking like they will take it to the next level and with Wazzu and Arizona and UW improving, I don’t think that SC will go through this conference unscathed. And remember, the PAC-10 plays everyone in their conference. They could possibly have 3-5 Top 25 teams.

I love football.

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