Correction: Pryce-Kilroy II WAS gonna be fun.

Until this:

Pryce will not seek re-election

Stunned almost describes how I felt when I saw that.

Congresswoman Pryce served her district with class, and worked hard for it. Since I’m originally from the land of Stokes and Tubbs-Jones, it was nice to have a Representative that did her job.

Rumor has it that Jim Petro and Steve Stivers are potential candidates, although according to BSB, it looks like Stivers will be focusing on becoming Senate President.

That’s too bad, because Stivers is the candidate that can win the district and keep it red. He is a likeable, capable politician that can’t be tied to any scandal. I truly hope that he changes his mind and when/if he does, he’ll have my support.

Jim Petro’s candidacy is an interesting one. Let me say that I liked Petro….until he whored himself unsuccessfully to the Religious Right. Instead of sticking with the issues and his solid record, he tried to out Bible-chuck Blackwell and was shown as the flip-flopper that he is and lost handily in the primary. In this race, Petro reminds me of Joy Padgett, meaning that he has a good record, but the Dems will try and tie him to Noe.

If either one does run, I’ll support them, because anyone is better than hearing, seeing, or reading the words Congresswoman Mary Jo Kilroy in that sequence.


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