Just shut up already

If there is one reason to hate local news (and there are a few), it has to be the sensationalization of “high” gas prices. Every time you turn on the news, someone is complaining about how high it is. The complaining has gotten so bad that federal and state leaders feel the need to step in right a perceived wrong.

Americans don’t realize how good we have it. If you want to know what high gas prices are like, go to Europe.

If you really want to know why gas is so high, many of you should look in the mirror. Columbus is possibly one of the most hostile cities to pedestrians and non-drivers in the country. There are places here that do not have sidewalks and COTA sucks; I know this because public transportation and my feet are the modes of transportation that I use to get around this place.

I’ve lived in Cleveland most of my life, so if you are from there you can understand why I’m annoyed with Columbus. RTA has buses that go around Cuyahoga County in even into surrounding counties with good timing. Imagine being from Newark, Canal Winchester, Delaware, London, Marysville, or West Jefferson and catching a bus to work. Long ride? Maybe, but you would save a lot on gas.

The problem isn’t President Bush, or oil companies. It’s us, and even though I don’t have a vehicle I will include myself . Until we support public transportation and demand a system from COTA and our city leaders that can and will work for all Columbus folk, the supply will continue to be strained and the cost will go up.

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